Women in Paleo group


Objective 1: To promote a more inclusive use of the language and images in Paleontology (or the EAVP).
Actions: To promote the principles of equality and non-discimination at all levels, written or spoken in all communications in meetings as well as social media, and to make scientific women and their work visible.

Objective 2: To promote personal conciliation with work and family life.
Actions: To facilitate conciliation when possible in meetings, proposing measures that can be adapted to the needs of paleontologists attending meetings.

Objective 3: To ensure that EAVP implements selection procedures that have equal opportunities.
Actions: To guarantee the absence of any type of discrimination, direct or indirect, for reasons of gender, maternity/paternity, or any other condition, ensuring equal opportunities for everyone (in grants awarded by the EAVP, for example). To create better representation of women in eavp meetings.

Objective 4: To incorporate gender perspective in EAVP or the paleontological community.
Actions: To promote at all levels the principles of equal opportunities.

Femke Holwerda
Verónica Díez Díaz

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