AMG – Annual Meeting Grant

The EAVP offers grants for those who wish to attend the annual meeting, but who lack adequate institutional financial support to do so. The Annual Meeting Grant (AMG) succeeds the Raymonde Rivoallan Fund (RRF) and the Student Travel Grant (STG). The successful applicant(s) for the AMG will have the annual conference fees reimbursed, plus 200 euros to help with associated accommodation and transport costs. Successful applicants resident in the host city will receive only the amount to cover the conference fees.

The successful applicant(s) will acknowledge receipt of this grant during their oral presentation at the annual conference (using the EAVP logo).

During the EAVP General Assembly, the candidates will be asked to give a short presentation on their background and why they applied for the grant in the context of their research, in front of the general assembly.

The deadline for 2023 was 31st of March, and the round is thus closed for this year. Stay tuned for next year!