EAVPA – European Association of Vertebrate Palaeontology, Paleoart Group


The EAVPA aims to create the first group of and for palaeoartists and palaeontologists interested in palaeoart. In fact, palaeoart is missing of an official association or a directive group that can assist with working ethics, guidelines and approach for both sides (the artistic and the scientific, too often separated with no dialogue bridge). The demand for this reality is high, at this moment, due to the increasing request of scientific reconstructions for papers, news, and other media productions (books, videogames, documentaries), missing of a “reviewing” group of professionists that can assist by providing answers and advises. In summary, the intended group will supervise on the regulation of professional palaeoart in Europe, overseeing the organization of next palaeoart/palaeontological roundtables and exhibitions during EAVP meetings, and possibly, in the future, organize proper palaeoart meetings.

Twitter: @EAVPalaeoart
Filippo Bertozzo

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