• EAVP2024 Second Circular and AMG opening

    It is with great pleasure that we share with you the second circular (download) of the 21st EAVP meeting, a joint effort between the University of Oslo (Norway), University of Uppsala (Sweden) and the University Centre in Svalbard (Norway), and to be held in Longyearbyen, Svalbard (Norway) from 28th August to 1st September 2024

    All information about the meeting can be found in this and future circulars via this website, as well as on the meeting website: https://www.nhm.uio.no/english/research/events/conferences/EAVP2024/Program/

    EAVP 2024 is supported by a grant from the Norwegian Research Council.

    We are also please to announce that the Annual Meeting Grant application is now open. This year, the EAVP will sponsor 7 AMG travel grant. More details and application form here. Deadline for applications 30 April 2024


    On Sunday, 7 May 2023, an article was published in the Brazilian newspaper Folha de São Paulo – reiterated in Nature (12 May 2023) – indicating that “Ubirajara jubatus“ would finally be repatriated to the Museu do Cariri in Brazil On Sunday 4th June 2023, as per the initial discussions between professors Kellner & Frey in February 2021. The final destination was confirmed after dialogues between the Brazilian Ministries of Science, Technology and Innovation (MCTI) and of Foreign Affairs, the German Embassy in Brazil, and the Regional University of Cariri (URCA-CE) (MCTI, 16 May 2023). The EAVP warmly welcomes this news. However, it rejects the dearth of transparency in the whole process, and the lack of active involvement of scientists and museum staff – both from Brazil and Germany – in it. The Association firmly opposes this lack of transparency, which has resulted in misleading and conflicting narratives, adding to the uncertainty around a resolution to this issue.

    Over the last few years, the EAVP’s ethics committee has carried out research into this process, contacting people in both countries and confirming that palaeontologists and curators have been excluded from most of it. With this statement, the EAVP calls for the active involvement of researchers and museum workers in all future repatriation processes, following the example of protocols already in place at other institutions.

    The EAVP Board

  • EAVP2022 registration open!

    Dear members, we are pleased to announce that the registration to the 19th annual Conference of EAVP is open!

    Itwill take place is Benevento (Italy) and online from 27th June to 1st July 2022.

    Circulars and abstract template are available to download here.

    Abstract submission deadline 30th April 2022

    We are pleased to announce that the EAVP and the host committee are able toprovide 10 travel grants. You can apply, after registration, here. Deadline 20th April

    For more information visit the meeting’s website: https://2022eavp.wixsite.com/eavp2022

    email: 2022eavp@gmail.com

  • EAVP statement on the war in Ukraine

    The European Association of Vertebrate Palaeontologists stands with our Ukrainian colleagues at this difficult time. We are appalled by the loss of life and the destruction of Ukraine’s heritage. The EAVP was itself formed as an action against xenophobic attitudes and behaviours within the scientific community, uniting across former Cold War countries to make vertebrate palaeontological discourse at our meetings as accessible as possible.  Science requires mutual respect and trust, thus we roundly condemn states that conduct military incursions into sovereign nations, and express solidarity with our kindred Russian scientists who share this view.

  • EAVP Research Grant 2021 open

    EAVP is happy to announce the call for the EAVP Research Grants is now open. Visit the dedicated webpage for more information and to apply: ERG – EAVP Research Grants

    For the 2021 the EAVP is raising the ERG grants up to 1000 Euros. In addition, understanding the difficulties likely to be encountered in using funds for travelling, for this call EAVP will also consider funding proposals focussed on the acquisition of new equipment for lab-based research. The membership requirement for being eligible to apply is reduced to 1 year.

    Deadline: 30 Novembre 2021

    Decision: 15 December 2021

  • EAVP2021 (5-9 JULY 2021)-Second Circular

    Dear colleagues and friends,

    it’s now finally available the second circular (download) of the 2021 EAVP meeting (5-9 July), and the online abstract submission is open!

    Deadline for abstract submission is the 30th of April!

    You will soon receive information for the registration and payment of the (very reduced) fees.

  • EAVP2021, Online, Europe. 6-9 JULY 2021

    Dear colleagues and friends, 

    Unfortunatelly, we must postpone (again, sigh) the on-site Benevento event to 2022, as we all hope to be able to travel freely across Europe by then.

    However, because we all miss our meeting, the 18th EAVP meeting will be online, from 6th to 9th July 2021, co-organised by several European institutions (Università di Firenze, Università del Sannio, Museum für Naturkunde Berlin, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin).

    NEXT DEADLINE: Workshop/symposia/roundtable proposal – 28.02.21

    You can find the new first circular here or in the dedicated website: https://sites.google.com/view/eavp2021. For further information you can contact the organising committee at 2021eavp@gmail.com

  • “This is the European Association of Vertebrate Palaeontologists. Dear members, please listen closely: racists, fascists and conspiracy theorists are NOT welcome in our association! Let us stand together for Europe and a world in peace. We as scientists have a political mandate, and we should be ready to act. All those who are not willing to accept this are free to leave.”

    We would like to encourage other associations of the scientific community to join in with a similarly clear statement.

    “In order to maintain a tolerant society, the society must be intolerant of intolerance” (Karl Popper).

    #BlackLivesMatter #BlackInNature #BlackAFinSTEM #BlackandSTEM #antiracism #fossilsareforeveryone

  • EAVP 2020 postponed to 2021

    Dear friends and colleagues,

    It’s with great sorrow that we announce that the 2020 EAVP meeting in Benevento is postponed to summer 2021. As you may have noticed we have delayed the registration, hoping to avoid such drastic measure, but this unprecedented pandemic situation and the unpredictable developments, especially in terms of quarantine and travel restrictions, forces us, in agreement with the EAVP board, to postpone the meeting to the next year.

    Benevento is happy to welcome you all for the 2021 conference, where we’ll hopefully have a lot of time to share our knowledge and socialize!

    Stay safe, healthy and palaeo

    Best regards

    The Organizing Committee
    Gennaro Santamaria, Simone Foresta, Lorenzo Rook, Raffaele Sardella, Matteo Belvedere, Cristiano Dal Sasso, Ornella Amore, Pasquale Raia

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