New exhibits at the Geological Museum in Copenhagen


From January 15th until April 15th, 2007, the Geological Museum in Copenhagen is hosting a temporary exhibit entitled “Oceans during the Age of Dinosaurs”. This exhibit is constructed and presented by the CCSTI/Maison de la Mer, Lorient, France. It shows 17 of the best illustrations made by French artist Alain Béneteau, both in Colour and in black and white, about past marine vertebrates. You will have the opportunity to see reconstructions of fossil sharks, from the Devonian Cladoselache to the 2 millions years old Carcharocles megalodon, as well as bony fishes such as the Cretaceous Xiphactinus, various marine reptiles, and even some pterosaurs.
Some of these illustrations were originally made for the French magazine “Pour la Science”, the French edition of Scientific American, as well as for a book I had the pleasure to write with Alain in 2002: “Les requins sont-ils des fossiles vivants?”. For more information, Alain can be contacted at the following e-mail address:
 This exhibit was also an opportunity for us to display some of the shark and marine reptile fossils held in our collection, notably a plesiosaur found in the Kimmeridgian beds of Milne Land, East Greenland, and described as Cryptoclidus aldingeri by von Huene in 1935but currently under revision by Adam Smith (University College Dublin).  

We also hosted until Februray 15th, 2007 Adolf Seilacher’s exhibit “Fossil Art”, and we opened on June 27th 2006 a new permanent exhibit on the solar system: “From the origin of all things to the beginning of life”. This new exhibit was the opportunity for us to move and refresh our vertebrate exhibit, which is now on the first floor of the museum, and was opened in November 2005. Alain Béneteau provided us with some very nice colour paintings of marine reptiles and dinosaurs, and we were able to put on display a cast of the dinosaur footprints that were recently found in the Jurassic of Bornholm and described by Jesper Milan and Richard Bromley from the Geological Institute, University of Copenhagen (Milan, J. and Bromley, R.G., 2005. Dinosaur footprints from the Middle Jurassic Bagå Formation, Bornholm, Denmark. Bulletin of the Geological Society of Denmark, 52: 7-15.)

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Gilles Cuny


A placoderm attacking a ctenacanth shark

A placoderm attacking a ctenacanth shark


View of our vertebrate exhibit

View of our vertebrate exhibit (Photo copyright: Jakob Lautrup)


Hybodus sharks in a river with a crocodile

Hybodus sharks in a river with a crocodile


View of our solar system exhibit

View of our solar system exhibit (Photo copyright: Jakob Lautrup)